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  •     My company production of metal hose、Metal corrugated expansion joint are calculated by《EJMA》The standard of the expansion joint manufacturers association、National machinery industry ministry《ZBY352—85Metal corrugated pipe》、National air and space industry《QJ8ll-83-Stainless steel hose form and technical conditions》、The technical conditions stipulated in the optimization design、Make with meticulous care。Conventional stainless steel1crl8Ni9Ti、crl7Ni3M02Such as elastic alloy materials,Has a reasonable design、The variety is complete、The characteristics of good quality。
        The company and the production of various specifications for air conditioning system of central air conditioning fittings and air conditioning unit,Variable air volume air conditioner、Fresh air units、Fan coil units;Used for various draught ventilation system,Diffuser,All kinds of valves、All kinds of noise elimination equipment;Used in fire smoke exhaust system manual、Automatic fire,Smoke exhaust valve fully automated、The fire damper...
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