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Anyang city combustion new energy co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as Beijing new energy),Was established2014Years,The registered capital of above ten thousand yuan。The company is located in anyang cityArea of the Yin yecheng avenue and lunan Wang Linglu intersection(Dry river),Beijing new energy。The company's operating objective is:Give energy、 To build a harmonious platform,Realize the value of life。The company's operating philosophy is:Create value for the society、Create value for our employees、Create value for customers、Create value for shareholders。

Introduction to the project:

Chairman of the board of directors of the company have set up two natural gas company。Anyang north gas co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as the northern gas),Was established2005Years,Business scope includes:Urban gas management;Natural gas facilities maintenance、Maintenance and repair;Urban gas sales、Compressed natural gas sales, etc。The registered capital of above ten thousand yuan。
Gas was established at the beginning of the north will strive to become Mass energy suppliers and urban pipeline gas professional investment operator。2009Years12Month,Signed with the new east anyang city industry clusters《Accumulation of natural gas pipe network investment、Construction、The operating agreement》,Achieved“Anton new town”Natural gas project franchise。Mainly for the project construction:Gas transmission trunk line26KM;Urban trunk25KM;A carCNGLPG stations3Seat, etc。The project total investment1.53One hundred million yuan。2012Years7Month,The company signed with anyang county housing and urban and rural construction planning bureau《Anyang county urban pipeline gas franchise agreements》,Within the scope of anyang county jurisdiction11The villages and towns of urban pipeline gas franchise。Mainly for the project construction content:Urban gas pipeline network and supporting facilities;A carCNGLPG stations, etc。
Adhere to the innovation and development,The pursuit to zhuo The more。Chairman of the board of directors in the accumulation of the urban pipeline gas investment operation experience for many years after,In the company2014Investment established in anyang city combustion new energy co., LTD,The registered capital of above ten thousand yuan。2015Years3Month30Day and Yin district housing and urban and rural construction bureau signed《The Yin district urban pipeline gas franchise agreements》,Approval of Beijing combustion of new energy in the area of the Yin contains all the offices16A、XiJiao Township government12A、Power plant office2A、Mills road office1A,A total of31Administrative villages、Industrial concentration area of enterprises and institutions operating pipeline gas and related business。Mainly for the project construction:Gas high pressure natural gas pipeline8.3km;City municipal intermediate pressure main line54.4km;LNG/CNGAuto gas & stand3Seat, etc。Beijing new energy projects with a total investment of combustion1.97One hundred million yuan。

Beijing the establishment of the new energy company,Marks the establishment of the company's future development direction。As a new type enterprises with efficient unified concept,Company to serve the society,Improve people's quality of life of the business philosophy,Powered by advanced development thought,In order to realize the gas coverage、Gasification in rural areas,In order to improve the quality of life in the countryside,Improve the atmospheric environment,Let the people use energy-saving、Security、Our contributions to environmental protection of clean energy。

Project prospect:

A、Project indicators and the examination and approval:

My company anyang city west liang village site constructionCNG/LNGThe united stations、Anyang city tai cheung newCNG/LNGThe united stations、Anyang county new lu villageCNG/LNGUnited stations and the Yin area natural gas pipeline project has to submit application for project for the record to the local government and the national development and reform commission,And has obtained the anyang city area development and reform commission (NDRC) of the Yin and confirmation of enterprise investment project in henan province anyang county development and reform commission for the record,Confirmation Numbers for yu Yin energy(2014)04978Number、Ann Yin energy(2014)04984Number、Ann anyang energy(2014)05685Number and Ann Yin city building(2016)01159Number。
In the above three new LPG stations and Yin area natural gas pipeline projects at the same time,Company has acquired anyang new gas stations and anyang shenzhou green to the gas station,The formation of gas、Refueling crisscross pattern,Provide diversified services for different needs of different users。

2、Land and capital expenditures:

LNG/CNGThree stations project27m(A total of three stations,Each station covers9m)The land for assignment,Per mu of land20Budget of $ten thousand,Land investment totaled540Ten thousand yuan。
Anyang new gas stations and anyang shenzhou green gas station project department of the overall acquisition station,Total purchase price2050Ten thousand yuan,Don't need to purchase land separately。
Anyang city area of the Yin pipe gas projects need to purchase the land74.25m,The average per acre20Ten thousand yuan,Land spending devoted to investment amount for the project1485Ten thousand yuan。

3、Air and gas prices:

Company pipeline gas source for sinopec“Yu line”And the vertical and horizontal group“In the line”Gas for gas source,Two companies promise I air prices for anyang city unified supply。 2016To beginLNGThe purchase price for the gas3.60Yuan/m³,2019Years began to increase, LNGSales price2016According to the year4.3Yuan/m³Calculation,2017According to the recent years and after4.60Yuan/m³Calculation,Using market pricing。The purpose of this itemCNGFor the air feed gas prices 3.1 Yuan/m³,The price is4.2Yuan/m³。

According to the two gas stations2012-2014Years93#Gasoline average selling price6.50Yuan/L(Tax price,No tax price5.56Yuan/L)Calculation,Average purchase cost5.91Yuan/L。
Anyang city area of the Yin pipeline gas civil gas for ladder price50Party within2.24Yuan/ m³,50Outside the party2.91Yuan/ m³,Commercial gas price is3.00Yuan/ m³。

Four、Return on investment:

LNG/CNGCapital expenditure project4419Ten thousand yuan,Which to buy land540Ten thousand yuan,Equipment、Civil engineering、Installation of investment, etc3579Ten thousand yuan,In addition to the company's paid-in capital1000Out of ten thousand yuan,Need money into the project3500Ten thousand yuan。The project for the net present value 7808Ten thousand yuan,20Internal rate of returnIRRFor28.68%,20The average annual return on investmentROIDa46.12%;Static investment recovery period5.1Years。

Acquisition of anyang city the new gas stations and anyang city shenzhou green to total investment for two gas stations2250Ten thousand yuan(Including floor liquidity200Ten thousand yuan),Payback period for accounting4.11Years,Four years to repay all investment borrowing and principal,Investment in the first five years of average return on investment for shareholders27.99%。

Anyang city area of the Yin pipeline gas total project investment13078.12Ten thousand yuan,In addition to raise capital5000Out of ten thousand yuan,Need money into the project8000Ten thousand yuan。Area of the Yin pipeline gas project2016Years is expected to net income931.77Ten thousand yuan,2031Annual net profit8605.58Ten thousand yuan,Twenty years will produce net income78116Ten thousand yuan。In this project2016In the cash flows1552.9779Ten thousand yuan,2031In the cash flows9226.79Ten thousand yuan。The project's net present value13593.85Ten thousand yuan,The project of irrFIRRFor15.3%,The static payback period for10.38Years,The dynamic payback period of investment13.64Years。

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