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Into the DE embellish
Texas DE embellish machine tool co., LTD
Texas DE embellish machine tool co., LTD is located in dezhou city in shandong province, the canal zone,We are professional deep hole equipment、Numerical control equipment manufacturers、Service providers。
The main products are:Deep hole drilling and boring machine(T2120、T2150、T2180)、 Deep hole boring machine(T2225、T2235、T2250)、Deep hole honing machine tools(HMK2350B)、Wind power spindle machining special plane、Tool for making oil drill collar、Heavy Type/Special deep hole drilling and boring machine、Deep hole drilling machine, etc。 Company tenet:People-oriented,Sustainable business;Innovation is the driving force for the development of the enterprise;Honesty is the cornerstone of enterprise development... MORE+

Frequently asked questionsf&q

【What CNC machine troubleshooting generally have to do】
CNC deep hole drilling machine is a kind of efficient automatic machine tools,He combines the computer
【What is the numerical control machine tools?】
20Century40At the end of the decade,The United States began to study numerical control machine tools,1952Years,Massachusetts in the United States
【Nc machine tool fault which caused by detecting element】
 CNC deep hole drilling machine tool measuring feedback control device,By detecting element
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